Among Larry Moliterno’s many accomplishments during his three terms as Boardman Township Trustee:

  • Worked to maintain the same levels of service within the Township despite steadily rising costs and the loss of $3 million in state funding
  • Addressed flooding issues on a continuing basis by:
    • completing over $3 million in stormwater projects
    • forming the ABC Water District, securing funds to make repairs, replace stormwater infrastructure and construct retention areas
    • enforcing regulations on redevelopment and construction
    • passing new regulations mandating more green space in new parking areas
  • Established a joint paving contract with local communities, saving dollars
  • Helped establish automatic mutual aid and a combined dispatch system for our Fire Department
  • Built a much-needed new Main Fire Station cost-efficiently by collaborating with Boardman Schools on a land swap
  • Authored the first Strategic Plan for Boardman Township, which is updated regularly and continues to serve as a roadmap for the Township’s future
  • Initiated utility aggregation programs, saving residents dollars on their gas and electric bills
  • Developed a landlord registration program to protect tenants and improve property values
  • Restructured the Zoning Department to include planning initiatives such as the rezoning process that will protect the integrity of our neighborhoods
  • Reestablished involvement and serves as Treasurer of the Mahoning County Land Bank
  • Established the Boardman Land Bank to aid in a demolition program to proactively address blight in the Township
  • Restored Police staffing, improving the safety of all residents
  • Embraced a culture of collaboration, teamwork and transparency essential to ensure effective and efficient local government
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