About Larry Moliterno

After three terms as Trustee, Larry enjoys strong support from Boardman residents and businesses and the media. The Vindicator endorsed Larry for both re-election bids, and in describing what you get when you choose Larry Moliterno, said: “…proven experience, talent, transparency, results, progress, and commitment….

Larry Moliterno has been CEO of Meridian HealthCare since 2004. Meridian is the largest provider of substance abuse addiction treatment in the Valley. A recognized expert in the field of addiction treatment, Larry has testified many times in Columbus at the request of state legislators.


A letter from Larry Moliterno
to the residents of Boardman Township

There are so many things that make Boardman a great place to call home. Our schools, our park, convenient shopping and restaurants, and of course our neighborhoods. So it’s really important that as Trustees we do our best to make sure we support all of those areas.

For the past 10 years I have been proud to be a part of a team with Brad Calhoun, Tom Costello and Bill Leicht. We all share a focus of doing what’s right for the people of Boardman —whatever it takes to protect their homes, their families and their future.

Our past successes are the building blocks for future successes. Our past successes are the reason you should have confidence in our future decisions. We’re not just talking about what we HOPE to do, but what we have proven we CAN do.

Over the past 10 years, Boardman, like every great community, has had challenges and problems. But we have faced them head-on. Handling those challenges and solving the problems is a major part of a trustee’s job — and that’s what should be examined when evaluating a trustee’s performance.

It’s really easy to RUN for office — but a lot harder to DO THE JOB. We’ve proven as a team — and I believe I’ve proven as a Trustee — that we can handle some very daunting challenges and solve some very big problems.

I humbly ask for your vote in November, so that we can continue to successfully handle the challenges and solve the problems Boardman faces now — and in the future.

And I ask for your help with our efforts to Keep Boardman not just a NICE place to call home — but a GREAT place to call home.




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